The previous week, our employees have made assembly, installation and start-up network WiFi, consisting of 11 points distributed on 4 levels mountain...

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Video surveillance

In the operation of office and industrial buildings there is a problem installing cistem video surveillance. In the classical scheme of all the cameras in the territory connected coaxial cables converge in a special security room with the installed equipment. Systems of this type are well established and reliable, but have several drawbacks:

We propose an approach based on using IP-protocol for transmission of video signals on an existing building in the SCS. It should be noted that almost any office or premises has those or other fragments of the cable network, which has a significant impact on the cost and timing of the introduction of video surveillance systems based on of IP. What, then, has the advantage of our proposed system is compared with the classical solution:

We have implemented several projects and we are ready to show you a working video surveillance system based on IP-based networks.

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