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Maintenance of computer networks and PBX

By reducing the operating costs of small and medium-sized (up to 100 people) offices often use the services of third parties in order to support the functioning of local network resources, network equipment, network printers, desktop computers and office telephone exchanges.

When a contract for maintenance of the company releases the jobs in the office to accommodate the staff of IT-department, saves on IT personnel and salary guaranteed to receive service from a service company within the period specified in the service contract. It should be noted that the cost of services for small offices several times less than the salary of qualified personnel IT.

When a contract for maintenance of network equipment and client computers, our company produces audit of all components (active and passive) SCS, hardware diagnostics and provides recommendations on the initial activities to bring the office infrastructure to normal. Then our engineers make installation and customization of the remote control equipment (not to the detriment of security) that provides real-time customer support and implement a solution to his problems. If necessary, the engineer leaves the client's office to address the functioning of the equipment that can not be remote solution.

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