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Computer network

We offer a comprehensive approach to building local area networks based on the use of the full range of modern network equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as a combination of LAN with local telephone networks in order to create a unified system of information exchange corresponding to the structure and needs of your organization.

As basic equipment suppliers we use only well-known companies that produce passive cable equipment of good quality and having certificates in the European Union:

Siemon Brugg Belden Nexans Helukabel General Cable

The equipment is always available in our stores or warehouses of our regular suppliers, is the official distributor

At the stage of conceptual and technical projects qualified specialists will offer you a variety of options for network solutions that are optimized by the criterion of "cost-performance", will provide the necessary advice for the final output, as well as carry out independent professional technical and economic expertise provided by your existing project (which will help you save invested in the project time and money).

Submitted for final approval of the project includes the name, packaging, quantity, value, and warranties of the equipment and the work produced, and shall ensure that the total project cost at constant technical requirements. Manufactured according to customer advice on the acquisition of a variety of computer hardware and software, as well as the delivery of this equipment - from accessories and spare parts to personal computers, server systems and complete sets of equipment LAN.

Considered a hierarchical model of building LAN arbitrary scale with the elements that are grouped on the basis of standard management protocols such as network equipment SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) will allow you to avoid compatibility issues, and continuously monitor the state of the hardware and software network. Equipment offered under this model, its design features consistent with the general concept of scalability and linearity of rising costs. Installation of equipment, designed as a stack or modular systems is carried out in a standardized 19 "rack or cabinet, ensuring easy maintenance and protection against electromagnetic and mechanical effects, as well as against unauthorized access. Installation of cable systems manufactured in European standard boxes using, if necessary, combined socket (RJ11 + RJ45), which allows simultaneous connection of the computer and the phone in the same workplace.

We hope that the advantages of the integrated approach in combination with qualified support ongoing, reliable after-sales service will be considered by you in choosing partners for long-term cooperation in the field of construction and operation of information systems.

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