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iPECS LIK - IP-telephony solution


Organization of communication of your company should not complicate your business. The system should be easy to use and respond to the needs that arise during the growth of your business and the consolidation of the company. Used solution should be clear and intuitive, so that employees can learn it quickly and effectively apply.

Our proposed solution to the latest communication iPECS LIK, based on the technology VoIP, will satisfy your needs for years to come.

The main features of iPECS LIK

Improved performance

Small and medium-sized businesses need to constantly improve performance. iPECS UCS is one of a number of system tools iPECS LIK, aimed at increasing productivity. The client application iPECS UCS Client - an intuitive computer application designed for fast and effective communication within the employees of small and medium-sized businesses.

Wherever you are, you always have the possibility to connect to the resources necessary for effective communication.

One click of the mouse on your computer and UCS Client instantly give you access to shared system resources, such as a corporate telephone directory. Use of such information reduces the time to respond to the request and allows you to communicate with colleagues in the most suitable format in each case, whether it is instant messaging, phone call, video conference, SMS, and others. The ability to share applications and files, allows you to quickly browse the latest information, such as sales records, etc.., And reduce response time and decision. By combining voice and other communication formats in a single intuitive user interface, iPECS UCS simplifies your business communication and increases productivity.

The minimization of the cost of acquisition and operation

The system iPECS LIK uses a fully distributed modular architecture that allows the customer all the advantages of the technology VoIP. Unified voice and data infrastructure significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the system. Ease of configuration and installation on the principle of Plug & Play system administrators are highly valued because without any difficulties allow nodes to have the iPECS where they are needed. Gateways modular terminals and client applications can be installed at any location where there is access to an IP-network.

The system has powerful features to ensure trouble-free operation through the use of duplicate control. Intelligent control system iPECS allows vysokouniversalnomu interface saves administration time and reduce maintenance costs of the iPECS nodes in a distributed environment. Located in one of the offices of the company, you can remotely monitor and control up to 1000 call server and have full access to the database and maintenance functions of each system.

The modular architecture of the hardware and software, you can simply add the module to increase the capacity of the system or expansion of a set of services, regardless of the rate of growth of the business.