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Universal device IPECS SBG-1000

IPECS SBG-1000 - communication solution "All in One" from the leading manufacturer in the market of telecommunications equipment - LG-Ericsson company for small and medium businesses.

A single platform from a single vendor for all communication needs of your office, simplified management and administration significantly will reduce costs for the purchase of equipment, its setup and operation.

By purchasing IPECS SBG-1000, the customer receives not only the modern IP-PBX, and flexible intelligent platform for a variety of communication services in conjunction with integrated SIP-Proxy.

Flexible SBG-1000 can use it both for individual branches, as well as for distributed network of branches.

SBG-1000 - modern and high-tech solution, which provide opportunities for integration with future IP-based applications and technologies.

Smart, simple, secure and mobile system

The capacity of the system


* Only one option can be installed on the iPECS SBG -1000 at the factory or on site.

The subscriber ports: